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"Every thing or living being that exists in this world; be it trees, flowers, birds, grasses, rocks, soil of the earth, or human beings; has its unique manner of existence - its essence, its spirit that makes it what it is. That is what is meant by connectedness."

--Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA--

All Love to You...All Days, All Ways.
Reverend Irene Windhorse

Monday, August 17, 2020

Do I Have Time to Meditate?

How many parts are we made of? Or do the edges of organs, features and systems so blend into each other as to be ONE with the illusion of separateness? Emotionally, we may feel all 'broken up' or 'scattered' at any given time. Meditation gloriously brings us back into a feeling .. and a reality of Integrity, Clarity and Patience. Our physiology is actually slowed down, reordered, and given a chance to rejuvenate itself and remain youthful.

While we meditate, the masks we create dissolve to reveal the pure nature of who we are and wish to be. We suddenly feel comfortable with ourselves and the desire to evolve our purpose. We can feel the expansiveness of our Being, and the boundaries of body and mind melt away. We find that Heaven and Earth are both within reach and indeed united; diversity in unity and Unity in Diversity. 
When the meditation is done, and work or play is resumed, feel the rejuvenated
eyesight, easy breathing and burst of creativity or desire to get out or do something you've been putting off. Something once thought of as difficult all of a sudden seems do-able, and in the doing, seems easy. 

 Meditating once, or better, twice a day, will acrue for you and build tolerance for your immune system and strengthen all aspects of mind, body and spirit. See you in the ethers!

Weathering Plagues

This morning I read a poem by Thomas Nash, [1567-160_]... about the Bubonic Plague...it's the voice of one who knows their own death approaches, and no medicine will help.   Villagers each day seeing family and neighbors piled onto wagons and wheeled away....

Our current pandemic of COvid19 (and other names) is as vicious, perhaps...with our sensitivities spared somewhat; of the in-your-face horror of it.  Yet, bodies were piled into rvs...so many people lost ... still all the public being intimidated with the fear of infection, the requirements that we constantly wear masks in public, though medical doctors everywhere are revealing how ineffective they are.

How much in fear are you?  
My constant personal effort is to get 'under' the fear and boot it as far from myself as I can.  I turn my thoughts to how...what practices...keep me healthy; flushing the body; avoiding constipation of body mind or spirit...which means a good clean diet of mainly vegetables, nuts and fruits.  Ample exercise and fresh air.  I walk barefoot inside and outside my home, where I know there have been no poisons applied.  

I may have more anger than fear, for I do believe the curious experimentors of science, and those who wish to control all else and others have created this pandemic, and I don't doubt it could be a PLandemic.   What power do I have, assuming this is true?  The power to change my mind...as always, the only real ChangeE I or YOU are capable of.

THEN...there is the now scientifically approved fact that my mind and yours can create ... we can enfold ourselves in a sort of shelter of Creative Thought by keeping our attention on the path we are trodding.  Constant valuation...WHERE do I want to wind up???

Health ... I want health ... of Mind, Body and Spirit.

So I stretch my once-tutored mind to believe things I've experienced yet been told cannot be 'true.'
I catch the stories in my glove, and hit what I see as dross right out of the field.  It's a constant returning to Principles and known ways to keep healthy.

Stay with me...invest your best into yourself and your neighbors...all good energies we feel naturally emanate all around us; our good thoughts are medicine for everyone.  

Consider the magnificence of your body...enhance it's immunity with beneficial flora, and avoid foods that make bodies acidic.  Dis-ease fails to flourish in an alkaline body.  Have you considered the word disease...it is describing a lack of ease in the bodymind, which is the forerunner of sickness...BE AT EASE... understand that our bodies wish to live and experience...yes; our bodies have a consciousness; autonomic systems that unfold faithfully each day unless we break the 'laws' which contain them into perfect health when we follow.  These laws come not from legislators...these laws are simply tenets of truth that we can either act from or suffer the consequences.

I wish I could say that I am 100% faithful to natural law...alas, I am human...I get bored, impatient... and go the way of error at times...so what to do, then??  Pick myself up, dust myself off...and start all over again!  Our small failures serve the purpose of waking us up to our apathy.

Our consciousness, the consciousness of the planet and the universe...all are like the endless spires the create the magnificent Chrysanthemum...only by seeking the stem can we find the origin of the plant.

Embrace your efforts, let go your failures (remember the lessons though)...my Heart and yours are joined in the ethers...our Higher Selves Know how to guide us to greater understanding.  Stand with me!  Keep sharing your successes; your insights...Stand together while standing alone.

With reverence for All Life,
Rev. Irene Windhorse

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Wondrous Manual for free

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

You can download this incredible book and others for free:

Seek the Charm...Reap the Joy!

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Happy Summer!  My favorite time....
I've spent the winter pouring through papers and books...weeding out what has become garbage and stacking books in boxes for sale and donations.

One drawback of summer is the cacophony of odiferous 'landscaping' tools; grinders smoothing out wood, cutting down trees...generators buzzing low frequencies than definitely make the day unpleasant.  I chant mantras to get through it; going into a slightly different dimension of peaceful sound.

So yesterday, I'm wondering when the work being done on my next door neighbors' home will be done, at least for the day.  I'm wishing it's soon!!  THEN, all of a sudden, the worker starts whistling... a most marvelous whistler!  In the 1940's and ,50s...and before that as well...men whistled.  Many men.  A few excellent, with trilling and warbling...magnificent!

Well, this man's whistling brought that all back to me...I saw my Uncle Stan whistling....and the beauty of this man's talent for whistling brought tears to my heart.  It was angelic!  He sang a snippet too, and has a great singing voice.

Let's use our vocal abilities to grace All Life.
Give the thrill of good whistling everywhere, if you have the skill.

Enjoy the summer...walk in courage toward what you want without fear of mishap.  Use caution always...without fear.

Blessed IS,
Revv'n Revv Windhorse

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

How I view my work as an Eclectic Minister

~Irene Windhorse ~ 
~Transformational Spiritual Services ~ 
~With Reverence for All Life

Blessed IS!
Reverend Irene Windhorse
I became an Ordained Reverend to assist others in grasping information that fosters understanding.  I was grateful and will always be, for those Teachers who opened my mind and awareness to questions I'd asked since my early days on Earth.

I have been a 'fill-in' reverend, for a couple who was denied marriage in the church hours before the ceremony when they found out the groom? had been divorced.  My thoughts for the Church could be kinder...and they could benefit from following Jesus' example of Compassion.
I gladly stepped in; but felt rather like an invader.  I knew no one, nor anything about anyone.
We did it, and I hope their marriage is the stronger for the difficult beginning.

I feel most useful and viable when I can get to know the couple … what they value, how they spend their days (occupations, hobbies, possibly parenting).  I want to express the Couple's Hearts, for their Wedding is the front door to the rest of their Life/Lives.

It's so wonderful for all of us, the Wedding Team (Bride Groom Reverend); when we create together, strengthen communication...hang out together and build a deeply sacred Ceremony Space and Time.
I'm so grateful to assist couples that are seriously reaching for the ultimate Partnership...the ability to Know Themselves and Know their Partner...and Life's dynamics.
Sometimes healing or expanded understanding is reached, and helps strengthen the Bond.
Along the way, we know this happens.  However, begin before the nuptuals and continue afterward to seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven within Ye!!

I'm an Eclectic Minister; I use descriptions from many sources.  The Couple decides what they will be...for it is Their Hearts I speak.

I'm a travelling Reverend!
Irene Windhorse

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Traveling Reverend

Welcome Back!

It has been too long since my last post, and I hope to become a regular at last. I've been on the road a good deal, all over the USA, with my bumper trailer as home, and car as my trusty steed. It's not so easy "out there..." very costly! There is much to tend to also, and it becomes an arduous chore at times, towing, setting up, breaking down, carrying, maintaining...and it is miraculous, as well...to see the land, to drive open roads where gridlock fades into a less nasty memory. The people one meets! Beautiful, honorable people ... and their dogs and cats, lol...have restored my faith in humanity.

And always and ever I study, I seek and I find Spiritual nurturance. Today I share this one with you. I have followed Gregg Braden since before I met him at the Prophets Conference in California on my second trip out there in 2003 or so. Gregg has tirelessly sought to prove or disprove spiritual information, indigenous wisdom through science...and he has succeeded well! The following video is a great gift. I hope you will have the patience to make the time to hear/see it in its entirety. I cleaned my kitchen and bookshelves as I listened, and glanced over when there was something to see.

Have a Blessed Day! Blessed IS!
Rev. Irene Windhorse

Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life


Sunday Blessings!  They cover the whole week, of course...but to focus upon Spirit well ANY day of the week is what keeps us Aligned with the most amazing, wondrous being we can be! 

Beloved Shivamokshananda, Robert C. Sohn, and his Beloved wife, Tina Sohn, my Spiritual Father and Mother, are the Founders of what is now known as “The New York College.” When I found them, after demanding of Spirit that they direct me somewhere for REAL healing, in lieu of allopathy, they were in Manhasset, Long Island, New York. The Wholistic Center/Church of the Realization of the Word of God/Institute for Self Development was a miracle for me!! Body Mind and Spirit were addressed at every turn, and Self-Development was physical and psychospiritual.
Each Sunday I was mesmerized as Shivamokshananda spoke one example after another from cultures all over the world to emphasize the meanings of Life and our part in it...and explained the religious expressions of God and Man.
Grandmaster Tina Sohn had “sight.” She could see a person's wellness or sickness. She brought Amma Therapy to the United States from her native Korea and taught Yoga and Amma to many.

They have both transitioned, but left a wealth of Grace, Blessing and Knowledge behind...they were in the forefront of the integration of Wholism to Allopathy. Allopathy has been slow to catch up with their wisdom but People like you and I have chosen the benefits and demanded they be made available.
My Gratitude knows no bounds for the personal benefits of health and psychospiritual growth availed to me by these two amazing people.

Do call in with your comments or to clarify what I say....646-668-8170 I will also open the chat room!!I hope you will call in or join the chat and speak to me!!  I welcome your memories or relevant stories and feedback or creative criticisms.
With Love to you and yours, I wish a joyous Sunday!

Rev Irene Windhorse
I am at your service for Ceremony to speak YOUR heart!  Weddings, Handfasting, Memorials, Funerals, Blessings for Baby and Home, Spiritual Conversation to vitalize your Wholeness, private and group meditation. 
I work over Skype and in person at your venue.  I have officiated small weddings at Windhorse Way on Long Island, NY, and I do travel by plane or with my house trailer.  I would be most honored to assist your personal Spiritual or Health needs. 
I practice Vibrational Healing as Reiki Master, and through Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, Bells, Chimes and Tuning Forks. I employ Crystals and my wonderful Wisdom of the Earth Flower, Tree and Plant Essences, which I also distribute Independently.