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"Every thing or living being that exists in this world; be it trees, flowers, birds, grasses, rocks, soil of the earth, or human beings; has its unique manner of existence - its essence, its spirit that makes it what it is. That is what is meant by connectedness."

--Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA--

All Love to You...All Days, All Ways.
Reverend Irene Windhorse

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

~Irene Windhorse ~ 
~Transformational Spiritual Services ~ 
~With Reverence for All Life

Blessed IS!
Reverend Irene Windhorse
I became an Ordained Reverend to assist others in grasping information that fosters understanding.  I was grateful and will always be, for those Teachers who opened my mind and awareness to questions I'd asked since my early days on Earth.

I have been a 'fill-in' reverend, for a couple who was denied marriage in the church hours before the ceremony when they found out the groom? had been divorced.  My thoughts for the Church could be kinder...and they could benefit from following Jesus' example of Compassion.
I gladly stepped in; but felt rather like an invader.  I knew no one, nor anything about anyone.
We did it, and I hope their marriage is the stronger for the difficult beginning.

I feel most useful and viable when I can get to know the couple … what they value, how they spend their days (occupations, hobbies, possibly parenting).  I want to express the Couple's Hearts, for their Wedding is the front door to the rest of their Life/Lives.

It's so wonderful for all of us, the Wedding Team (Bride Groom Reverend); when we create together, strengthen communication...hang out together and build a deeply sacred Ceremony Space and Time.
I'm so grateful to assist couples that are seriously reaching for the ultimate Partnership...the ability to Know Themselves and Know their Partner...and Life's dynamics.
Sometimes healing or expanded understanding is reached, and helps strengthen the Bond.
Along the way, we know this happens.  However, begin before the nuptuals and continue afterward to seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven within Ye!!

I'm an Eclectic Minister; I use descriptions from many sources.  The Couple decides what they will be...for it is Their Hearts I speak.

I'm a travelling Reverend!
Irene Windhorse

Sunday, July 15, 2018

"They" say it's poor form to move freely...while the bodymindspirit  needs movement.

Walt, where are you?  From what voice today do your thoughts emerge?  
Long-held Hugs.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Welcome Back!

It has been too long since my last post, and I hope to become a regular at last. I've been on the road a good deal, all over the USA, with my bumper trailer as home, and car as my trusty steed. It's not so easy "out there..." very costly! There is much to tend to also, and it becomes an arduous chore at times, towing, setting up, breaking down, carrying, maintaining...and it is miraculous, as see the land, to drive open roads where gridlock fades into a less nasty memory. The people one meets! Beautiful, honorable people ... and their dogs and cats, lol...have restored my faith in humanity.

And always and ever I study, I seek and I find Spiritual nurturance. Today I share this one with you. I have followed Gregg Braden since I met him at the Prophets Conference in California on my second trip out there in 2003 or so. Gregg has tirelessly sought to prove or disprove spiritual information, indigenous wisdom through science...and he has succeeded well! The following video is a great gift. I hope you will have the patience to make the time to hear/see it in its entirety. I cleaned my kitchen and bookshelves as I listened, and glanced over when there was something to see.

Have a Blessed Day! Blessed IS!
Rev. Irene Windhorse

Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Sunday Blessings!  They cover the whole week, of course...but to focus upon Spirit well ANY day of the week is what keeps us Aligned with the most amazing, wondrous being we can be! 

Beloved Shivamokshananda, Robert C. Sohn, and his Beloved wife, Tina Sohn, my Spiritual Father and Mother, are the Founders of what is now known as “The New York College.” When I found them, after demanding of Spirit that they direct me somewhere for REAL healing, in lieu of allopathy, they were in Manhasset, Long Island, New York. The Wholistic Center/Church of the Realization of the Word of God/Institute for Self Development was a miracle for me!! Body Mind and Spirit were addressed at every turn, and Self-Development was physical and psychospiritual.
Each Sunday I was mesmerized as Shivamokshananda spoke one example after another from cultures all over the world to emphasize the meanings of Life and our part in it...and explained the religious expressions of God and Man.
Grandmaster Tina Sohn had “sight.” She could see a person's wellness or sickness. She brought Amma Therapy to the United States from her native Korea and taught Yoga and Amma to many.

They have both transitioned, but left a wealth of Grace, Blessing and Knowledge behind...they were in the forefront of the integration of Wholism to Allopathy. Allopathy has been slow to catch up with their wisdom but People like you and I have chosen the benefits and demanded they be made available.
My Gratitude knows no bounds for the personal benefits of health and psychospiritual growth availed to me by these two amazing people.

Do call in with your comments or to clarify what I say....646-668-8170 I will also open the chat room!!I hope you will call in or join the chat and speak to me!!  I welcome your memories or relevant stories and feedback or creative criticisms.
With Love to you and yours, I wish a joyous Sunday!

Rev Irene Windhorse
I am at your service for Ceremony to speak YOUR heart!  Weddings, Handfasting, Memorials, Funerals, Blessings for Baby and Home, Spiritual Conversation to vitalize your Wholeness, private and group meditation. 
I work over Skype and in person at your venue.  I have officiated small weddings at Windhorse Way on Long Island, NY, and I do travel by plane or with my house trailer.  I would be most honored to assist your personal Spiritual or Health needs. 
I practice Vibrational Healing as Reiki Master, and through Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, Bells, Chimes and Tuning Forks. I employ Crystals and my wonderful Wisdom of the Earth Flower, Tree and Plant Essences, which I also distribute Independently.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wang Ji Wu Speaks My Heart's Mission

Miracle Days show up in rows...or rather, the ability to see the Miracles and connect to them waxes and wanes is more likely! Well, I'm hooked up big-time lately! This morning, preparing for a presentation, I opened randomly several books, and the third one opened to the Perfect Expresson of what I hope to share and enliven in the world. I am going to type it all right here, from Wang Ji Wu,

spoken at 100 years noted in Xing Yi Nei Gong:

"The heart is calm, quiet as still water"

"My own history is from the end of the Qing Dynasty, through the period of the Republic to the People's Republic, already a hundred years. My life has seen its share of ups and downs, times of poverty and hardship, honor and dishonor, the changes of the seasons, all of which have left a deep impression on me. After the founding of the People's Republic, my life became stable, but with the Cultural Revolution, disaster once again overran the country and I was forced out of business. All of these events served as a means of cultivating my spirit, and afforded me the opportunity to practice the "gong fu" of living in the world."

"One must always maintain a calm heart even when influenced by the seven emotions: joy, anger, happiness, worry, sadness, fear, and surprise. The heart must remain as calm as still water, never allowing any personal desires to stir up a ripple of disturbance. My thoughts are pure, in spirit I seek to forget myself and transcend the common affairs of the world, keeping my life simple and my desires few. With a clear heart, I do not contend with others or make demands upon the world, but rather seek to contribute what I can for the benefit of all, aiding those in need and protecting those in danger.

"Without desire one is strong, without desire one is quiet, without desire one may return to that which is natural, without desire one returns to the original state. With a heart like still water, from the extreme stillness will spring action, from the void comes that which is alive, yin and yang are in harmony and the qi flows unimpeded. With a heart like still water the qi is sufficient and the spirit full. When the qi is sufficient and the spirit full, the organs function normally, the blood is nourished, the meridians, nerves, digestion and circulation are all healthy and the metabolism stimulated. When the factors which prevent aging are all strong, one may prevent illness and live a long and healthy life.

"Live an enthusiastic life, serve the public good.

"I ha~~ve traveled the long road of life, experiencing hardship, difficulty and I know the sentiment of man is often as thin as paper. I have seen corruption and those whose only concern is realizing their own desires. Because of this, I have strived even harder to live a practical life, willing to sacrifice even more for the good of the people. After the founding of the Republic, I spent my time working in the streets as a doctor, treating anyone who came to me for help with wholehearted enthusiasm. When one finds happiness in serving others, one will be full of the spirit of life, seeing things as they are with a calm heart. Thus, one may reach the state where the spirit is preserved within, the body is healthy and the spirit full, the intellect wise, decisions made adroitly and reactions made spontaneously. Consequently, the life energy will be strengthened and increased while promoting the health and longevity of the body."

~~These are the words of Wang Ju Wu at the age of 100: His principles of living a healthy life.
and submitted to you, whoever happens upon reading this...because it follows my Tenet of Basic Goodness, and this man so touched my Heart's Knowing when I read this. He speaks my Heart's Mission. Goddess Bless! and Blessed IS!!
With great Respect for all Teachers who have influenced my Path and Evolution;
with Reverence for All Life~Rev Irene Windhorse

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Push Envelope! Follow Energy Flow!

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Joyous Spring! Gentle temperatures are increasing...soon enough they will be stifling temps...accompanied by Harvest! Berries, fruits, refreshing and rejuvenating!!

I've been really busy hosting a Blogtalk Radio Show. It's more work than I imagined...I love it! It's like a Gym I go to and work out! My reference books are coming off the shelves...and yes, there are growing stacks all around my broadcasting studio. I have a Purpose to plan my activities that either IS, or simply Resonates with my Dharma; my Life's Work...the business of Creating Wholeness in myself, and of Creating an Arena for Change for others; and seeds of wisdom to contemplate and bring one's own Understanding to.

Conversations With Windhorse gives me opportunity to hear myself as well as others...I always mention the fascinating ways of our brain, which lights up in various areas whether we are reading, speaking, listening, looking, writing...and so I do believe that hearing one's own voice speaking things that are reminding of, even possibly connecting concepts ... is yet a whole other esoteric dimension. Today while listening back on Conversations With Windhorse/Wholism ... or Rev Windhorse, Basic Goodness...I actually made an esoteric connection with the Jesus and Mary Magdalen ...and the story of annointing Jesus' feet with Spikenard Oil, an Essence that calms the heart and brain, according to Nicholas Culpepper and others. It opens the 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras; the "Higher"...or more realistically more "Heaven-Connected," if you will.

Seems to me the Magdalen helped Jesus open further to the Greater Understanding that can Survive such a destruction of Body...and to understand that Life Remains, simply changes accept the travesty He was about to face.

It was on Blogtalk Radio today, March 11, 2014 that I spoke about Aromatherapy and other Vibratory "medicines" and the many levels on which they can help sustain and nurture our Balance and Rejuvenation. Working with subtle energies allows us to enliven them ... perhaps we can all pay a bit more attention to our health and the subtle energies around us...oh, and the not-so-subtle ones. What can we do when obnoxious noises pervade our neighborhood in spring with all the noisy, odiferous machinery doing the work once relegated to quiet gardeners? When I hear the "landscapers" start mowers and blowers, I chant a Tibetan Mantra.

Alter your diet, try Aromatherapy, get a Chiropractic adjustment, A Meridian Massage, walk in the fresh air while it's still fresh! Prepare ... beyond looking good ... prepare your system for the changes in weather coming our way. Plan on Perfect Health...then enjoy it!

Blessed IS, Rev. Irene Windhorse

Put your mind where you WANT to Go...ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good day! As a Reverend, interfaith, nondenominational, and eclectic,I aspire to speak a couple's Beliefs and Traditions and Religions .. attempting to speak their Hearts in ways they wish to communicate with Spirit and their Congregation. Symbols, Saints, Angels that fit the Celebrants' beliefs vary from one Ceremony to another, all in an Effort to portray strength, unity, clarity and empowered Voices to the Passage being Celebrated.
Wholism is a MindBodySpirit issue. So what has that got to do with Marriage?

In my work, it means a lot!  I create custom Ceremonies, whether for marriage or other Life Passages. Even my simple, basic Ceremonies have been carefully thought out and orchestrated with the intention of inspiring ongoing Goodness, Support and Li, or Intention to be built on, in a couple's or family's lives. I say lives...but it is also A LIFE. One Life shared by two and/or many. What I most want for every couple is Communication Skills...Knowledge of one's own Values and Boundaries...a Willingness to be Wrong. How afraid are you to be “Wrong?” Can you expect your Mate to be willing to be Wrong if you despise that state yourself...if you refuse to “look at” yourself?
Being Willing doesn't mean you ARE means that you are willing to look at your own part in the problem, and correct what you can in YOU. I encourage all people to reach deep into their awarenesses and bring out the best version of the best they can be, use that as a Li, a Notion...Intent! As an example, early in my life my Mother, who read constantly, explained that my Name is that of the Greek Goddess of Peace. I took that to Heart...I always thought about being peaceful, and I have such a wonderful Example to follow!
I suggest learning all you can about yourself while growing up, then take a chance on choosing a compatible mate that can continue to assist that harmonious state, and you theirs. Be Co-Creators... If you are already in a committed relationship, apply these principles to enhance what you now have.

Remember! Life is an Ocean, LOVE is a Boat! Build a strong, secure vessel together, agree on the color of paint and name for your craft. Each of you has strengths … coordinate your efforts to guide your boat to every shore you aim for. Keep each other safe and dry!

Beware of Mutiny; that sly stealthy cloud that appears out of nowhere~~a storm squalling, blowing, rocking and tipping your Craft in raging waters and monstrous waves.

Prepare to be Lifesavers to each other.
I've been told by friends from India that a man treats his wife like the Goddess...and the wife treats her husband like she would a God. Even guests that come in to their home are considered as though God and Goddess have just entered, and I have had the sweet experience of receiving that attitude. Like a Toros, such attitudes and actions flow back and through and in again to nourish again and again.
I always talk about how Words are Food, and also that there are Foods of Impressions. These are subtle awarenesses you can cultivate...What you hear, think, speak ; what you see...are Food. They create and feed your cells. (Candace Pert says it so well.) Be aware that you are always feeding yourself and your Mate with nourishment...or doses of poison.

It's my wish to send out the Seeds of Wholism; to inspire young people and those of any age...approach Love by Approaching YourSelf first. Love yourself … for the Higher Qualities you are...and you will attract one who does the same, by virtue of how and where you travel, and choose to visit, and the rate of vibration you are emitting. I'm not inferring that you will draw to you the perfect fairytale mate....though you may~~but what is Perfect anyway? If you are Perfect for each other...then you have found the Perfect Partner!
When we vibrate at a certain rate, we attract others and situations that fit the same vibration...when I treat my Mate with compassion, respect, fun, comes back. This is and energetic LAW, Folks!! It COMES back!!! I've proven this to myself over and over, and in various situations...try it one morning while you prepare to leave your house...if a Toll will have to be driven through; send a big smile to the Toll Taker. Notice if you don't get a smile when you go through, a 'hello,' or a nod...
So okay, this practice it may not return ten thousandfold right off the bat, but certainly the atmosphere of friendliness, comfort and affection increases when more is released into the environment, wouldn't you say? WE are vibratory beings, and we pick up vibrations of love, mistrust, anger and more...the trick is to learn monitor oneself...Each of you tending to your own attitudes and emotions helps to bring your BEST Self to your Mate and to the your Union.
Build a strong boat! Have the courage to set out Together...TWO Captains...who are comfortable enough with Self and Mate to play Second Mate when it serves your common Cause.
After the Courting is there a shift or change in the manner you approach each other? Do you continue to exhibit the Grace and Poise..and Coyness that you did when dating? Those little jestures or words; little snugglies....are they as frequent as before, or once a Commitment had been made...did things change slightly...or a lot? Are you feeling fear? Many times a person will realize something's not right...yet, they feel they have invested so much, or … that their partner will change, and tow their line …
I wish you Courage to step up for yourself, to have dialogue; to adjust and test new ways...and I wish enough Self Esteem and Compassion for you and your Partner to walk away if you realize there has been a mistake.
When one door closes, many windows open! Take it slow...look out each window; find the Sunny one, the Breezy one...what do you like about them? Do they sometimes get uncomfortable? What then? Explore all that before you open a new Door!
Harmony takes work! We need to put the right notes and tones together; to sing on key, so it becomes a melody. Then, we add the carefully chosen words to make an uplifting, Top 40s song!! If the words or the melody are discordant, the song will be sad, unhappy, cacophony...and set you off balance. I wish the right Partner for everyone of you! I wish you courage to leave the situation if things continue to be discordant...and that you may open to new experience..and probable success.
If your relationship has been problematic to the point of a breakup, take some time for and with yourself. Partner your Self before you seek out a “Second Half.” Bring a WHOLE Person to the Table, and you will both row your boat straight and strong through any riptide!
When we are whole we are never alone...We are able to see and feel our Spirit and Creator's Spirit and Love.
It would be nice if the sweetness stayed on easily...however, by virtue of entering a New Paradigm...a combined “Life, “ or “Coupledom,”. There is NO way that two or more people living together is ANYthing at ALL like living with one's parents or living alone. How do you each tolerate the situations you WILL face, and the reactions you each will have?? Are you ready to be Supportive, to learn new things, sometimes to step aside...are you able to accept your Partner's Help and to give yours?

WHAT are your Boundaries for your Root Family in regards to yourself, your home and Mate and Children? What if any demands will you allow them to put on you, now that you have a Spouse or Partner? Identify your Boundaries that exist in regard to your Mate, as well. Yes, I say you have some. There must be boundaries if one is to Know where they stand and for what. The goal is to form a relationship of Standing Together...and it takes Work to achieve it.
When a marriage or any Partnership is based on mutual respect, actual partnership and equality, it will be a solid "institution!" However to be a solid “Heaven,” it needs Compatability. COMPATABILITY. How much do you have in Common? How much do the Differences Matter?
What will you do together for entertainment? Are you on the Same Wavelength as to Humor, and of how many Kids you want, and how to raise your Children? Do you agree? How much sleep do you need? How late do you go to bed and arise? Are you Compatable? If much are you willing to Compromise?? Compromise, I think, is crucial to Communication, however there has to be powerful meeting places...Unity in many areas. What do you want? Can you decide to adjust so you get mostly what you want and your Mate gets what s/he mostly wants...sometimes one needs to insure there is only one Choir talking in one's head...the deafening already from one Paradigm from one whining voice spouting its own rheumanations!

The FIVE C's:

Compromise, Commitment, Compassion, Compatability, Consideration … they CREATE Productive Communication!
How serious are you about Committing to everything that will be part of the Life Each of you Wants... and how will you Provide that for yourselves and your children if you have then?
The best time to ask yourself the tough questions is before committing. Honesty to Self...Honesty to the Beloved. Honesty is a great gift that Simplifies Life and allows for far greater time in Enjoyment and Achievement and can build a rock solid relationship.

Then there comes a time when off the Tribe to school, a playdate, off to High School, College...into a job, or military. Now the Paradigm slides into its next Change. You are two people again. If you are able to be compatible, this is the perfect time to explore, grow and discover more help each other grow into even higher enjoy your Family in a new bring to your Grandchildren benefits of all you've learned that might not have been available to your Awareness when you had your own Children at home.
I am picking apart this reality so we can take a close look at what's going on. Too many people have raced off into Matrimony or living together only to become disenchanted when they realize their boundaries get crossed and they don't know what to do. If one is inauthentic, unwilling to assert for oneself...defensiveness can sprout and grow into resentment and off we go.

Think of how many more joyful couples and children can walk this Earth when we take ourselves and the act of Partnering seriously enough to build careful foundations of honoring Life, Self and each other!
What am I asking you to do? Get to know yourselves...encourage your children to become self-assured, confident, with high self-esteem tempered with compassion.

Get to know your VALUES and Boundaries. Evaluate. RE-valuate. Teach your children to to this!
Get to know the person you're attracted to and observe how you work and play loving, kind and sincere does the relationship feel?

We have some choice these days to get to know our Hearthrob well before making commitments. If we first understand ourselves and what we want, we always make better choices. I say, bottom line, know what you like, what Boundaries you have, what you expect, and what your Mate expects and will tolerate. Must there be toleration? Yes, and always within some scope of Reason...Be it harm All Things!! I am not suggesting someone stay in a stressful, life-draining situation. I suggest that every person deserves to live happily and abundantly...happiness begets abundance.

Build your Boat carefully right from the start, with the best wood, with hand-hewn Pegs that will swell with the tides and keep your vessel tight,waterproof....and afloat for the duration of your Journey!!
I wish for you the most wonderful Relationships and Unions!
As a Reverend, I feel very responsible for the joining of two people. I want to feel and be Successful! Your Success is MY success!!

I send you Love, White Light, Angel Wings All Around!
With Love to you, I am Reverend Irene Windhorse at your service for Ceremony, Spiritual Council, private and group Meditations, and Energy Healing. If I can help in any way, it is my Privilege and Honor.
Choose through the Wisdom of your Heart, Abode of Spiritmind.
With Love to You, Reverend Irene Windhorse
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Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life