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"Every thing or living being that exists in this world, be it trees, flowers, birds, grasses, rocks, soil of the earth, or human beings, has its unique manner of existence - its essence, its spirit that makes it what it is. That is what is meant by connectedness." --Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Push Envelope! Follow Energy Flow!

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Joyous Spring! Gentle temperatures are increasing...soon enough they will be stifling temps...accompanied by Harvest! Berries, fruits, refreshing and rejuvenating!!

I've been really busy hosting a Blogtalk Radio Show. It's more work than I imagined...I love it! It's like a Gym I go to and work out! My reference books are coming off the shelves...and yes, there are growing stacks all around my broadcasting studio. I have a Purpose to plan my activities that either IS, or simply Resonates with my Dharma; my Life's Work...the business of Creating Wholeness in myself, and of Creating an Arena for Change for others; and seeds of wisdom to contemplate and bring one's own Understanding to.

Conversations With Windhorse gives me opportunity to hear myself as well as others...I always mention the fascinating ways of our brain, which lights up in various areas whether we are reading, speaking, listening, looking, writing...and so I do believe that hearing one's own voice speaking things that are reminding of, even possibly connecting concepts ... is yet a whole other esoteric dimension. Today while listening back on Conversations With Windhorse/Wholism ... or Rev Windhorse, Basic Goodness...I actually made an esoteric connection with the Jesus and Mary Magdalen ...and the story of annointing Jesus' feet with Spikenard Oil, an Essence that calms the heart and brain, according to Nicholas Culpepper and others. It opens the 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras; the "Higher"...or more realistically more "Heaven-Connected," if you will.

Seems to me the Magdalen helped Jesus open further to the Greater Understanding that can Survive such a destruction of Body...and to understand that Life Remains, simply changes accept the travesty He was about to face.

It was on Blogtalk Radio today, March 11, 2014 that I spoke about Aromatherapy and other Vibratory "medicines" and the many levels on which they can help sustain and nurture our Balance and Rejuvenation. Working with subtle energies allows us to enliven them ... perhaps we can all pay a bit more attention to our health and the subtle energies around us...oh, and the not-so-subtle ones. What can we do when obnoxious noises pervade our neighborhood in spring with all the noisy, odiferous machinery doing the work once relegated to quiet gardeners? When I hear the "landscapers" start mowers and blowers, I chant a Tibetan Mantra.

Alter your diet, try Aromatherapy, get a Chiropractic adjustment, A Meridian Massage, walk in the fresh air while it's still fresh! Prepare ... beyond looking good ... prepare your system for the changes in weather coming our way. Plan on Perfect Health...then enjoy it!

Blessed IS, Rev. Irene Windhorse

Put your mind where you WANT to Go...ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES!!!

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