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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Year of the Green...Blue...Wood Horse? What Does That Mean?

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

Here comes the Year of the Green Wood Horse ~ January 31, 2014

Have you ever wondered where these names come from? They have correlation to the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and to Astrology. The Horse is historically a sign of power, and the Tibetan Wind Horse has the Power of Basic Goodness. A horse charges forth into life...willing to face the wind.

The Five-Element Cycle describes Wood as feeding or CREATING Fire...begetting Earth...Earth fostering Metal, and Metal creating Water...Water then begets Wood and the Cycle of Creation continues. There is a devolving Cycle as well; aspects of which are also affecting all we do.

Wood is associated with green since it puts forth green leaves, flowers, fruits...a green and growing thing. Wood is the element of Spring and green, the color of Healing and of the Heart. When I practice Reiki, I see a neon green.

Fire creates new earth, and so has a favorable relationship with it. Therefore, fire following wood is a sign of Luck and Success for the year, especially for those born in the Year of the Horse. It's a good time to create new "earth" for ourselves! This year, Fodder is given for bountiful harvest!

It could have been a red horse; red more readily associated with fire...but being a Lucky Green Wood Horse Time means that we are speaking of Wood's creation of Fire rather than fire's ability to burn red fits. Yet, it's even a blue horse that describes the Wood Horse Year! Blue associated with Water, which nourishes wood, and can extinguish fire...Balance is brought to bear by every symbol.

When the nuances are understood in Oriental philosophies, there is an amazing wealth of meaning! I'll be back to unwrap this a little further...might you have some knowledge to share on the marvelous deductive ways we can See our Universe in ourselves?

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