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"Every thing or living being that exists in this world, be it trees, flowers, birds, grasses, rocks, soil of the earth, or human beings, has its unique manner of existence - its essence, its spirit that makes it what it is. That is what is meant by connectedness." --Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Opinionated Reverend

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

"You are very opinionated," I've been told.... That, by a really good friend of lasting roots. It's a key reason why we've been friends for so long...we believe in honesty. How uncomfortable is it when a family member or friend is telling you everything's great when you know it's not...when you can feel "something." Alas, but one is at a loss when dealing with Kings and Queens of De-nial!!!

Because I trust my friend and understand that comments are not made in haste or anger, but simply based on my friend...and I...see them, I ponder comments from such a person. Ponder I have, for some months now... The immediate understanding was, "Yes...I surely am!!" Now, how to clean up and send those opinions always in the right Sherlock, or Inspector Moss or Charlie Crews!!

As a young person I was terrified of being opinionated. Now, in my Autumn...or Winter years...I realize that my opinions are how I process truths...and people who speak honestly to us help us to discern how on track we are.

I also find that I have fun with some of my opinionated ways...I get to laugh at myself a lot these days...could it be a letting go process? Seeing myself as the ridiculous buffoon when I rant and want my way?

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