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"Every thing or living being that exists in this world, be it trees, flowers, birds, grasses, rocks, soil of the earth, or human beings, has its unique manner of existence - its essence, its spirit that makes it what it is. That is what is meant by connectedness." --Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peace...From Where?

Hi, it's been a hugely lonnnng time since I've said 'hello...'
There is much these days to Avert stars; one tragedy after the other; threats of more coming~infringements on security, citizens' rights, purity of food and energy...the debate on 2012...

As I've repeatedly told Couples...Unless both Partners are Working on can be choppy to downright rocky...and in the World, Peace will come out of the Eventual Willingness and Determination of Humans to Monitor themselves, and chip, and polish, and trim a bit here and there on their own Egos...and I mean capital “E” Ego as BIG Ego; the one that likes to push ahead of everyone else in a crowd...the one that will ride the right highway lane down to the light, or construction crew...then cause more of a traffic jam for everyone while it noses and jockies it's way back into the lane to be first when the line of traffic is ready to move adding to some traveller's time, 5-20 minutes more...or more!

I was once one of those...30-40years ago; then I stopped to consider the dynamics of each such action. After a long time of people doing that, I got miffed, and over the years, downright I started doing it too, to beat out whoever I could...and when it had been done to me enough times, I stopped to consider the buildup of time that acrued while one car waiting to let one or two cars into a locked line of traffic...progressing up the unfair, I realized; embarrassed, I began Working On Myself Harder...
Being patient in the first place when traffic stops and goes; that takes Work....
and being patient with that person who just jumped the line; or is trying to get past you...that's downright TOUGH...yet, that's where we have to go to break the Paradigm of Pain, Fear and Discomfort. I mean … it's so much more satisfying... isn't it? To send expletives in a torrent of explosive gamma rays... IS it really more satisfying? For it surely is not Productive... so...can I get Satisfaction?
Still Workin' on it...but I've realized that Living in the Satisfaction is much more Appealing....And it “Delivers!”

Funny thing about that Big Ego, though...when it has the Opportunity to be around Sensible, Calm, Rational, Expansive, Compassionate, Encompassing of Life; Controlling Only Self...soon the True Essence of Quiet Joy, Resilient Satisfaction, penetrates and nurtures Being...Once one has known that Joyous place...they want to stay there....yet it is a process of letting go the familiar; even if painful, even that eliciting anger...the Big Ego holds on, because it is Familiar... and admitting to being an out-of-control idiot is far more 'embarrassing' until one learns that only by going through that Walk of Fire will the Freedom come. Ego knows how to handle this situation, it thinks...yet until the Way to Peace (that Work on Self) begins, a person doesn't realize that they've been running the same circuit...laying the same plans...making the same argument; using the same words...or deception, or physical force....and getting the same disappointing results.

To Bring Harmony to Self and the World,

Ongoing Effort...

”I Am the Change I Want to See in the Universe.” ('my' Gandhi)
I am Safe as I Change;
Considering Options Open to Me
Choosing Actions that lead to my Ease, Evolution, and Elation.
Enjoying the Glory that Spirit Creator meant for me to Enjoy; the Sweetness Creator had left for me, as a “Banquet Table laid before me...”

Have you ever wondered why no one has yet composed verses for each Season of our Weather out of those songs that so inspire by their melody, beat...unique tempre? That Christmas Song that you only hear in the Yule Season; yet you find yourself humming the melody in June, and realizing a great Contentment and Elation throughout your Being...We should hear those songs more Often; Very Often...these are medicine. New Verses to Old Classics!!!

Musak and Canned Music and whatever you want to call it is affecting you every day...Seek sounds that Nourish may vary; one kind of sound now...anther later...the Importance is in Affording yourself the Ability toward Discernment. As any skill, muscle, etc; without Practice, no skill in Epitamy of Achievement, Sense of Success and Self-Esteem. So if you choose a song/album/station and you begin to notice a sort-of dark kind of feeling in stomach, solar plexus, shoulders; feeling different in the room and your body...if it's a good, sunny feeling, GO with it! If not; courageously speak up, change the choice, or move to a place where the sounds are pleasant.

Love to you,

Irene Windhorse ~ Transformational Spiritual Services ~ With Reverence for All Life

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